Alexander Saloid is a Moscow based music composer and producer. He was born in the Ukraine in the winter of 1981. Since his early childhood, he has been keen on music, especially the piano. He would possibly have gone on to seriously study piano playing after music school, but instead he went into electronic music. The genre's difficulty and singularity swallowed him up. Noticing his passion, Alexandr's parents presented him with his first electronic sequencer. Then, as it happens with infatuated teenagers, Alex started computer, internet, electronic music and his first rhythm programming.Alexander's first audience consisted of close friends. Then, a DJ friend played some of Alex's tracks at clubs for record label showcases. Alexandr's first VA release was in 2003 on the Israeli label, Abitato. Another track was released a few months later. There were a lot of releases on Israeli, Greek, and Russian labels, like the "Mungusid" project, and a lot of chill-out tracks in Germany and France. The greatest Russian label, Dejavu Rec released Alexandr's debut album. with his first vinyl release on LiveLarge Records (Germany) being a "SOLO ID" project. It consisted of morning full on sound and dark rhythms Also Alex pays a lot of attention to the orchestral music scores, film and tv soundtracks. Since 2004 to the present, Alex is a full-time music composer at the biggest federal Russian TV Channel. He is also the author of all original music at the first Russian satellite TV NEWS channel - "RT(Russia Today)", which broadcasts daily all over the world.